Your Q & A’s About Les Schwab Tires

Betty asks…

Is it neccessary to replace both tires on the front my Dodge mini-van when One cant be fixed?

The salesman at Les Schwab said that I need to replace both front tires, not just the damaged one. Even though the tires are not that worn. He said its a balance and even wear issue?? Couldnt I just use my spare its a full size tire, its a little worn and buy 1 new tire and use it as my spare and just get the tires balanced?

admin answers:

Depending on what kind of work you had done to the tire.. But yes through time they become unbalanced. But if you cant get it done now.. It wont hurt anything.. Or you can just rotate them to the back… And they well wear and tear less

Donald asks…

What is tire siping? Is it worth $11.50 per tire??

I recently went in to Les Schwab tires to get two front tires. The customer service rep asked me if I wanted my tires sipped. I have never heard of this. He told me they slice the tires for better traction and longer wear.

Shouldn’t the tire manufactures do this? Or is this a scam from the tire stores?

$11.50 per tire to do this.

admin answers:

It’s not a scam but you absolutely do not need it. It’s little slits cut into the tires to supposedly help wet weather traction. At any reasonable speed, it does not. Ask them if they know more about tire safety than Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop and Bridgestone. Laugh if they say yes.

Sandra asks…

are the mechanics at the dealers better than the ones in small shops?

Are they really better than the ones in small shops?? Tire les schwab, Sears, Speedy.. etc. or why do they charge more than what they would normally charge in a small shop

admin answers:

There’s no doubt mechanics are better equipped with specialty tools and have more knowledge shop material in-front of them concerning specific cars sold at their dealership than scatter brained chain chops.

It’s similar to choosing Dr’s if you are able to. There are general practitioners who refer you to specialists if your issue is out of their field.

I’d trust an experienced private mechanic for regular maintenance service work before even thinking of going to any of the shops you’ve listed above.

Mary asks…

Will my snow tires work?

I got these snow tires a few years ago, only used them for one winter for my 99 Honda Civic EX. I now have a 2007 Honda Civic EX and was wondering if I could still use them? I don’t know the size of the tires, and plan to go to Les Schwab today after work, but thought I’d ask to see if anyone could help me on here. All I know about the snow tires is that they are Blizzak studless snow tires. Thanks!

admin answers:

If the tires are the same size then yes . The tires will work but I’m not sure the wheels will fit if they are already mounted and the wheels don’t fit then they will have to be broken down and remounted on your current wheels

Maria asks…

I get a flat in the same tire over and over – tire store says the tire isn’t damaged!?

I’ve gotten a flat in one tire of mine 3 times in the past few weeks. After the first time, a guy at Les Schwab tires rotated it to the rear, and it went flat a few days later, again. So I put fix-a-flat in it, and drove it over there. He told me to bring it in when it didn’t have fix-a-flat in it, while it was getting low…and that he couldn’t find anything wrong with the tire. I was driving home tonight and it was completely flat as I pulled away from work – so I had to take a cab.
I thought it might be someone letting out the air – but they move it around every time it goes flat.
What is going on!?
Also, it should be noted that he’s changed the valve stem every time I’ve taken it in.

admin answers:

Have you had the rim inspected for defects? Steel rims sometimes develop rust that may allow air to leak out. If you have alloy wheels, there are instances where defects surface due to the porous nature of the metal alloy or severe corrosion may also create small “tunnels” where the air seeps out.

If you are mechanically inclined, inflate the suspect tire to maximum pressure and spray the entire tire and rim with a soapy water solution. Pay careful attention to the area at the base of the valve stem and where the tire bead seats against the wheel. A slow leak will reveal itself in soap bubbles.

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