Les Schwab Virtual Wheels

One of the first things I wanted to do on my Prius was to change its wheels because the old ones were tattered and old but I didn’t know what would best fit it and then I went down to their shop and I discovered they had a program called Les Schwab virtual wheels.

On it they took a picture of my exact car and somehow integrated it in the program so I could actually see how the different wheels would look on it.

And at first I thought it would be a challenging process because I had to find which wheels would go better with my car. But then the guy working the Les Schwab virtual wheels actually pointed out that there are more things to consider.

And to demonstrated he used his Les Schwab virtual wheels program to put on the car some very wide, gracious wheels that you would expect to see on a Ferrari or on some other car like that. And then he simulated a 100.000 miles of driving in 5 minutes and I could actually see the weight of the car crushing down those beautiful spokes every time it took a curve.

And then he also explained that the weight of a wheel must be perfectly balanced with the car because initially the alloy wheels were developed in an attempt to make cars lighter and therefore faster. And that lesson actually helped a lot because then we simply allowed the Les Schwab virtual wheels program to select the best wheels for my Prius and all of a sudden I only had to choose between 2 models.

In fact there were 5 models but seeing them in the Les Schwab virtual wheels computer I realized I didn’t really like them so I decided to just ignore them and focus on the 2 wheels that I really liked. Ultimately the choice came down between the 200 Apex and the 428 WDM. I have always had a thing for the black wheels simply because they are not used by so many cars and so stand out through their uniqueness.

But then again the 428 WDM also look great and they have a spoke design that I fell absolutely in love with. Well, not from the beginning but then the Les Schwab virtual wheels program simulated a night time driving with the snow flowing and it seemed like my silver Prius was flowing in the night.

The point I am trying to make here is that it helps a lot to have something like the Les Schwab virtual wheels design program because you get to actually see how those wheels will look on your car. And if you are lucky enough to find a real professional like the guy I talked to at Les Schwab who took the time to explain why a certain set of wheels might be better then another set then your car is truly set.

I can honestly say that I am absolutely crazy about my wheels and that I will never get tired to look at them.