Les Schwab Tire Center Reviews – No1

If you’ve checked out some of the Les Schwab Tire Center reviews online, you would notice that they are known to offer you free services for minor issues.

Some private garages will charge you for the slightest issue, but Les Schwab Tires is not like that. One of my friends had a flat tire due to a nail that got stuck to his tire. Since I had dealt with the tire center before, I told my friend to bring in his vehicle to the center and have them fix the issue.

As the center was around the corner, he brought his car in and had the tire filled within fifteen minutes. Not only did he get the tire fixed, but they didn’t even charge him for the work. You could see how his Les Schwab Tire Center reviews would have been!

A few days ago, I had an issue with the brakes on my Chrysler Intrepid. My vehicle has an ABS brake system and it was making these grinding noises every time I applied the brakes. I was planning on trip to the next state and needed to have the brakes checked out. I had tons of previous experiences with this company and even read several positive Les Schwab Tire Center reviews, so I gave them a call. I confirmed the opening hours and drove in.

It was a Friday afternoon around 3pm and it was very busy at the tire center. I was served after the first person in line and they told me that since closing time was nearing, they wouldn’t be able to fix things but rather just have a look at the issue. I kind of figured this much and was fine with it. I told them I would drop by the next day to pick up the car and to have it fixed. The level of honesty from the staff members is what makes this Les Schwab Tire Center reviews so great.

Just two hours after I left the center, they called me to tell me that their brake specialist had taken a look at my car and there was no apparent issue with the brakes or anything for that matter. The noise that was being caused was from a pair of rusted rotors. The brakes were all in order and free from any issues, so I happily went by to pick up the vehicle.

When I got to the service counter at Les Schwab Tire Center, the staff member explained everything they had done to the vehicle and how they had tested things. They explained that the brakes have been fully tested and are in great condition and don’t need to be replaced. Additionally, he had mentioned if I still kept hearing the noises I could bring back my car and get the rotors replaced. As you can see from this Les Schwab Tire Center reviews, you can see that the employees are very honest and are not trying to rip you off.

To conclude, the employees at the Les Schwab tire center have done exceptionally well in my opinion. The team returned my car on the same day and hadn’t even charged me for any of the testing they had done. The testing process took at least thirty five to forty minutes and all this was provided for free! An A+ Les Schwab Tire Center reviews for sure and they will be getting my business in the future.

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