Les Schwab Locations – Les Schwab Utah

If the Les Schwab Portland offices are some of the best tire garages in the world not the same can be said about other Les Schwab locations like the Les Schwab Utah garages. I have was over there on a visit a couple of months back and I just wanted to check my tires because they had lost some of the pressure on the way. And, because they are my favorite garage, I just pulled in at Les Schwab to have them check it out. But I guess things are a bit different in the Les Schwab Utah garages.

I actually expected that they would come up running but in the Les Schwab Utah they just hope a little towards you, mimicking running and showing interest. And that would have been fine, at the end of the day all I want is good service, but they guys in these offices weren’t that happy to help me out either. They checked that the pressure and simply said that it was normal for a tire to lose some of its pressure as the days go by. But I was sure that I had checked the pressure before I had left Oregon so I really wanted them to check the tire for holes. But since it had not lost so much pressure as to be called a flat the guys in the Les Schwab Utah garage just did not want to check it further.

When I got back home I did go to my usual garage and they were amazed to hear how they have behaved in the Les Schwab Utah garage and they were very helpful in that they actually checked my tires and pointed out that the pressure valve was broken. They simply replaced that and I was on my marry way, Les Schwab Utah experience forgotten.