Les Schwab Locations – Les Schwab Seattle

I’ve recently had to drive to Seattle because my wife wanted to visit an old friend there and while talking I got her boyfriend’s opinion about Les Schwab Seattle. I don’t normally interview people about their Les Schwab experiences but since we didn’t really have that much in common and we started talking about cars we inevitably got on the subject of car problems and he was the one who started telling me about some problems he had been having with the brakes and how the guys at Les Schwab Seattle had been able to help him.

To be earnest I am not very sure exactly what Les Schwab Seattle shop he talked about because I simply forgot the place, I think it was something that sounded like billiard but I simply can’t remember. Anyway, he told me how he had had some problems with his brakes squeaking and he had taken the car for a check up. They told him they would have an answer by the second day because he had gone there in the afternoon but in fact they called him that very same day and told him that there was nothing particularly wrong with the brakes except a little rust on the rotors but that should clean away as he drove. They said he should come back to change them if that didn’t clear up in a couple of weeks and he was so amazed by the Les Schwab Seattle service and by the fact that they had not charged them.

He did pick my interest with his Les Schwab Seattle story but I wanted to know more about their customer service and if they would be able to actually solve a problem not just diagnose. So I asked him about it and he said that after 2 week part of the squeak had was gone but he just wanted a set of brakes he could feel comfortable with and the fact that they were so rusty they squeaked made him restless. So he went back and the change the rotors and brake pads for him and that did solve the problem. All this had happened just a few months before but he was sure he would only go to that Les Schwab Seattle shop from then on, especially to change his tires.

So seeing that the wife and her girlfriend were caught up in their conversation I thought I would go down to this Les Schwab Seattle shop and get them to check out the pressure in my tires. I didn’t really think there was anything wrong with it but I was really getting bored. And as soon as I got there I felt at home again: the guys running towards the car, the person at the front desk everything was as agreeable as the guys back home. And the best thing about my curiosity was that they were actually able to find that I was losing some pressure because of a broken valve and they changed that and filled my tires for free. So I can confirm that if I lived there I would certainly be a regular of the Les Schwab Seattle tire shop.