Les Schwab Locations – Les Schwab Portland

Being a resident of Tillamook Oregon for over 30 years now I can tell you I know a thing or two about Les Schwab Portland as that is where I usually go to fix my tires, brakes, battery and basically anything else that needs fixing with the car. I prefer the shop on Broadway simply because it used to be the closest to our home as I was growing up and over the years I have built a rapport with the people there. Still, I have been using a lot of the other garages here in Portland so I really know what I am talking about when I am saying that they are one of the best Les Schwab Portland garage.

The thing is that the Les Schwab Portland offices were those that Les first set up when he started his business. And it was one of those businesses that you learn about at school because they represent the expression of the American Dream. Everything started from a franchise that Les bought and, in the beginning all he did was to repair tires and set them up. But he had had passion about customer service that somehow helped his little enterprise grow fantastically fast. Soon Les Schwab Portland meant more than just one garage, it meant several shops that actually sold their own tires.

And from the local Les Schwab Portland offices they were able to develop and enlarge to a huge array of shop all over the country. But the quality of service and the care for his own employees is what set Les apart from any other service provider. And that meant that his business is now represented in over 20 states and people are immediately drown to this high level of quality and service. Still I believe that the best are still the Les Schwab Portland offices.