Les Schwab Locations

Over the past years or so I have had the chance to check out several Les Schwab locations including the Portland which are the closest to where I live and even some as far as Utah. So what I thought I would do was that I would start a web page dedicated to reviewing all these locations. But then I got the Prius and started work on that and didn’t have that much time for setting up sites. So what I have decided to do is to take some time and just write here about my experiences with the Les Schwab locations I have visited so far.

Les Schwab Locations – Les Schwab Seattle

I’ve recently had to drive to Seattle because my wife wanted to visit an old friend there and while talking I got her boyfriend’s opinion about Les Schwab Seattle. I don’t normally interview people about their Les Schwab experiences but since we didn’t really have that much in common and we started talking about cars we inevitably got on the subject of car problems and he was the one who started telling me about some problems he had been having with the brakes and how the guys at Les Schwab Seattle had been able to help him.

Les Schwab Locations – Les Schwab Utah

If the Les Schwab Portland offices are some of the best tire garages in the world not the same can be said about other Les Schwab locations like the Les Schwab Utah garages. I have was over there on a visit a couple of months back and I just wanted to check my tires because they had lost some of the pressure on the way. And, because they are my favorite garage, I just pulled in at Les Schwab to have them check it out. But I guess things are a bit different in the Les Schwab Utah garages.

Les Schwab Locations – Les Schwab Portland

Being a resident of Tillamook Oregon for over 30 years now I can tell you I know a thing or two about Les Schwab Portland as that is where I usually go to fix my tires, brakes, battery and basically anything else that needs fixing with the car. I prefer the shop on Broadway simply because it used to be the closest to our home as I was growing up and over the years I have built a rapport with the people there. Still, I have been using a lot of the other garages here in Portland so I really know what I am talking about when I am saying that they are one of the best Les Schwab Portland garage.