Les Schwab Brakes

I have been visiting Les Schwab for a very long time, in fact my father used to take me with him when he wanted to have checkups done on his car and I have always been fascinated about the Les Schwab brakes service they have. The first thing I noticed was the way they would take out the brake drum and put it in a special machine that would reshape in on the inside. Later on I discovered that not all shops do that and that, in fact, most of them will use just a hand tool and would just give it a good cleansing. But at Les Schwab they actually measure up everything and use 3 lasers to guide the cutting head in order to give the drum its perfect, factory shape. So even before I bought my Toyota I knew that the first thing I would get checked would be the brake system.

So as soon as I had bought it I went down to the store and asked the Les Schwab brakes guys to give it a thorough check up and I must confess that I actually did not know that was a free service they provided. I actually was expecting them to charge me something but they didn’t; they did my brake check-up and gave me an estimate on the cost. Now since the brakes were still in working order although they needed to be changed, I decided I would stick to my plan and I would hunt down a set of Les Schwab brakes coupons that I would use.

And a few weeks later I actually went back and changed both the brake pads and my brake shows with a set of Les Schwab brakes coupons. I ended up paying half of what the estimate had been and I was very excited to see them work because they actually did much more then I had expected and they did that for free. So they also resurfaced my rotors and changed my calipers, the return springs and the cylinders all for free. And if you are wondering just how important those things are let me just tell you just one of those things does.

So the way the rear brakes work is that you have a set of brake shoes that look a bit like the brakes on a bike are expanded away from a central cylinder to push on the inner side of a brake drum which is attached to the wheel. The friction that happens there makes your car slow down and stop just like any bike. However you also need a spring of some sort to pull those brake shoes back away from the wheel because if you keep accelerating the engine is strong enough to drag the car along even with the brakes on. And if that happens the brakes shoes over heat and melt away leaving you with no brakes the next time you want to use them. And all of this, from malfunctioning return springs to accident because you completely lost your brakes can happen in less than half an hour. So I am very grateful that the Les Schwab brake guys change that for me for free every time I have work done on my brakes.