Les Schwab Batteries

A few years back, before I got my Prius I had an old Volvo that just wouldn’t start in the cold and after a lot or researching I actually found that all I needed was one of the good Les Schwab batteries and some of their spark plugs. After I changed those my car would start in any conditions no matter what so I really learned my lesson and as soon as I bought the Prius I want down to Les Schwab and started looking at their batteries. Since I am planning to use this car for the next 5 years at least I knew I wanted the best battery so I decided I would go with the Les Schwab Batteries in the Xtreme Power Plus category.

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I did have a look at the other batteries too but since this is the latest of the Les Schwab batteries designed by them I decided I would go with it and see how it worked. Since I bought my car in the summer I could not actually tell if there was a difference between the performance of the car with the old and now, with the new battery. However if you buy their batteries you are afforded a lot of luxuries like free battery checks. So before they took of my old battery I had them check it out and it was cranking out a mere 300 amps while my new battery is putting out 590 to 900 amps depending on the outside temperature. In might have overpaid a little because all of the Les Schwab batteries have a minimum of 450 amps which was half as much as my old battery but I thought it was worth to buy the best.

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There were another 2 Les Schwab batteries that I wanted to check out before I got this one and they were the Les Schwab XHD and the Les Schwab 60 months battery, both of which have a warranty of over 5 years and I can honestly say that by then I will probably be looking to change the car anyway. And the best thing about them was that they were a lot cheaper than the battery I got. I honestly thing that I got a bit over excited when I went for the top of the lines Les Schwab batteries but, then again, I know I will be singing a different tune as the winter months hit.

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In conclusion I will admit that I don’t have that much experience with any other battery except the Les Schwab batteries. But the point is that they have served me personally well with 2 cars now, not counting the Prius, and I have a couple of friends who will guarantee to the same. Ultimately it pays to have a good battery that cracks up a lot of amps, particularly in the winter months and if you are not so sure about what battery to get you have my guarantee that the Les Schwab batteries will do their job very, very well.