Best Les Schwab Winter Tires

Choosing the best Les Schwab winter tires is important for your vehicle and the safety of those riding in your car. Winter tires are built specifically to handle the high load of snow that needs to run through your tires. The specific grooves on the winter tire will grab snow and help the vehicle move forward without slipping. People say that all-season tires are good enough for winter, but that is not always the case. Winter tires are made with a special rubber that is suitable for the winter cold weather.

If you have summer tires in the winter, it will not be able to grip onto the snow and rather just slip as there is not a groove to allow snow to stick in. You need to know how to pick out the best Les Schwab winter tires as its going to affect the overall riding experience and performance in the winter. At Les Schwab, you will have access to a wide variety of winter tires to choose from. These winter tires range from simple groove cuts to radial 5 rib treaded tires. Let’s take a look at some of the high performance winter tires from Les Schwab.

Observe Winter Tires: These are one of the best Les Schwab winter tires the company offers and they have been known for their great quality and traction. At Les Schwab, you will find three variations of the Observe Winter Tire product line. The base product offers you control on snow and ice as well as a smooth riding experience. The Observe Garit KX Winter Tire is built with MB technology that gives you amazing control and enforcement in heavy snow. The third option is the Observe G-02 Plus, which is recognized as an alternative to studded tires.

Winter Cat XT Winter Tires: In order to benefit from a winter tire, it should have a radial tread pattern allowing the vehicle to grip into snow while moving forward. The Winter Cat tire does just that with its intricate tread design. This design not only helps you with snow and ice stability, but reduced the effects of hydroplaning, which is caused by thin treads in the tire. If you are purchasing a used winter tire, the one thing you should always consider is the thickness of the tread, and whether it is deep enough for traction. The Winter Cat is surely one of the best Les Schwab winter tires solutions available.

RW11 Winter Tires: This tire is specially designed for heavier vehicles such as SUVs, as the tire offers increased width. Any light truck driver will tell you that the RW11 winter tire will give your vehicle the superior traction it needs in heavy snow. Climbing up a hill with a set of RW11’s will give you everything you need for control and stability. The tire is pinned so that you can use tire studs. When deciding on the best Les Schwab winter tire for your pickup truck, make sure to consider the RW11!

As soon as winter is around the corner, you need to get some winter tires for your vehicle. With today’s heavy snow conditions, you don’t want to get stuck somewhere just because you haven’t taken the time to get winter tires. You can find some affordable tires at many of the Les Schwab tire stores and we hope our list of the best Les Schwab winter tires will help you.

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