Advantages of Using Les Schwab Tires Siping Technology

I have always been obsessed with getting more traction in winter conditions and so when Les Schwab came out with their own siping technology for tires I was fascinated and was very tempted to actually try the technology on my own tires.

However I wasn’t sure what exactly the results would be especially since the basic concept is to add more grooves in the face of your tire. That means they take the tire and make a lot of precision cuts on it and that simply does not sound good to me.

So what I decided to do was to let a couple of years to pass and see what other people who had already used the Les Schwab tires siping process would have to say about it.

And now that those years have passed, I started searching about tires that had gone been through the Les Schwab siping process. At first I could really find any comments and it seemed that no one had actually written anything about it which meant that the process had not damaged a lot of tires, or there would have been someone complaining about it.

But it also meant that people were not really seeing such a significant improvement as to talk about it online. And I was just about to give up when I though that I should try and filter the results I got from Google to see if perhaps there wasn’t something on someone’s blog or forum about it. And then I hit pay dirt because I found a several blogs and a very active forum discussion about the effects the Les Schwab tire siping had had.

The blog references I found were all praising the siping technology Les Schwab tires are using and they were discussing at length how the grooves that they cut are only exposed as the tire hits the surface of the road in that point where the rubber bends under the weight of the car. In that point a tire that has been siped actually has more than 50% gripping power and tests done by different independent research labs have actually proved that a car with winter tires that have been siped stops much faster than one with simple winter tires. So in theory the Les Schwab tires siping system does work and has some very good reasons to.

However I was more interested in the forum discussions because those people represented a community that had actually used the Les Schwab siping system and were reporting back. I could actually follow the discussion to a few year back when Les Schwab first came out with their product and I saw that they feared the destructive effects of those grooves would have on their tires too and were planning to wait to see what others would experience.

About 6 months later people started coming back to the forum and reporting that they had siped their tires and how delighted they were by the effects. And then more and more joined them and I jumped to about 2 years from the first time someone has siped their tires and started looking to see if they had talked about how the tires had faired with the Les Schwab system in use.

And actually the first person I found was the first guy who had announced on the forum that he would have Les Schwab sip his tires and he came back saying that he was still using those very same tire and that he was confident that he would use them for the next winter too or even the one after that.

So I kept digging and actually found that the only person who had had problems with the Les Schwab siping process was a guy who had forgotten to change his tires over summer and they had worn out a lot. But he was the first to confess that it was his fault and that the tires had probably worn out because they were winter tires more than anything.

So to make a long story short I decided that I would use the Les Schwab tires siping process on my winter tires too and I will come back regularly on my site about Les Schwab tires to tell you more about it.