Les Schwab Tires

When I bought my new used Prius I knew that I needed to buy a set of winter tires and that I wanted them to be Les Schwab tires but what I didn’t know was exactly how many tires there really are and how much of a challenge it would be to find some good winter tires. That is because I really enjoy skiing and that means I usually go very high up in the mountains and often enough it is virtually impossible to keep those roads snow free. And the worst thing about them is that there are so many bends and twists in the roads that lead up to them that there are so many place where the tiniest slip up can make the difference between life and death. So I had a really good look at all the Les Schwab tires in the store.

And after many talks with the guys at Les Schwab and my very own internet research I think I can honestly say which are the best Les Schwab tires for me but also why they are the best and what are some great runner ups.



Now, I personally went with the XI 427 because there actually there aren’t any Les Schwab tires that are truly designed for winter only but these are the closest thing to that. They are sold as all season and from the silent way they roll on the pavement I can’t really classify as anything but all season. However the design technology that went in to them is really great because the 5 rib design brings in a very good traction on snow hills. And the other thing that I loved about them is that they have a multi sips system that guides water away from beneath the wheel so that there is a reduced risk of hydroplaning. And I am sure that those same sips will guide some of the snow out so that I will be able to feel secure with the XI 427 Les Schwab tires.

Tourevo LS II

However if you are not planning to actually drive in the snow a lot then I thing the Tourevo LS II is a better choice because it has a superior sips system that will allow it to maintain perfect handling in rainy and wet conditions. I didn’t actually go with them because they sips are too small and they would have trapped the snow rather then guided it out. However they are perfect for rainy and slippery conditions and I love the fact that they have put a 30 days trial period on them. To me that shows that these are truly the best Les Schwab tires they have.

Granada Les Schwab

Another set of tires that caught my attention were the Granada Les Schwab tires which are much more economically priced but they lack the 5 rib design that make the XI 427 the perfect choice for me. However the multi sips system and the fine edges on the facets of the tire made me take a good, long, hard look at them before deciding to put out the higher price. They would have been adequate in the snow but because my wife usually comes with me skiing and we are trying to have make a baby I decided I didn’t want to take any risks and went with the XI 427 Les Schwab tires.